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** Do You Know Your Customers’ Journey? **

We provide solutions to help our clients address every stage of the journey!

Do you know your customer's journey?

Business Marketing Suite

All-in-One Business
Marketing Suite
Let’s Conquer Your Local Market
“Knowledge Changes Everything!”

Rated #1 by Capterra All-in-One Business Marketing Suite.

Conquer your local market and increase your local search presence and get found on Google. We are happy you have found your way, this is the last business marketing platform you will ever need… Our Business Marketing Suite is designed to help manage and help business owners understand the Customer’s Journey.

We start with a Business Assessment our Snapshot Report to provide a holistic view of your business across the web.


The Business Assessment & Needs Analysis or Snapshot Report is an award-winning marketing needs assessment providing automated insights into a business’s online marketing performance. ConsumerONE uses the Snapshot Report to diagnose and highlight local marketing & strategies and understand where there may be gaps and show you the potential of innovative marketing strategies to increase sales….




Powerful ways to learn about your website visitors!

Business Owners need more customers, leads & prospects for sales teams to engage for the business to grow! Knowing the Customers’ Journey and their buyer intent is a huge marketing step many business owners overlook! Did you know that 98% of your website visitors never fill out a form or email you? Session Recordings & Heatmaps provide owners with insight into website visitor behavior & buyer intent.

Improve your website’s conversion rate using our collection of tools…

Client Dashboard    |    Session Recordings
Dynamic Heatmaps  | Visitor Profiles
Form Analytics   |   Surveys
Funnel Tracking   |   Live Chat
Website Visitor Recordings 7 days, No Credit Card Required!

“Knowledge Changes Everything!”


Follow Website Behavior & Heatmaps to understand where your website may not be converting sales like you expected.

Lication Genie
LEAD Engagements Location Genie Does It ALL

$32 per month


Increase Your Footprint & Get GPS Mapping on Apple Maps, Foursquare, TomTom, Here, WAZE, Uber and Facebook.

Over 84% of customers start their shopping experience online before going in-store or calling that location to order your products or services

Getting your business ranking on Google in ‘near me’ searches is fundamental to generating your business more footfall, more leads, and more sales

The vast majority of Google searches are conducted on mobile devices and Google looks to rank and display businesses in your local proximity according to how relevant they are to your search and how active those listings are. Managed customer reviews help give your business credibility and assist your own customers in making purchase decisions

LinkedIn Prospects – Social Leads Consultants Services

Accelerate Your Business Growth with High-Quality, Targeted LinkedIn Prospect Lists

You provide the industry & keywords to find the right targeted list. 
Welcome to LinkedIn Lead Program, your ultimate solution for driving business growth through targeted LinkedIn leads.

We use cutting-edge strategies and tactics to deliver high-quality, laser-targeted traffic and leads that are specifically tailored to your business and industry. With our help, you’ll be able to reach your ideal customers, increase conversions and sales, and grow your business to new heights.

Join us today and start seeing the results you deserve!

Targeted Custom LinkedIn Prospect Lists

$499 for $2,000 LinkedIn Industry Leads 

B2B LinkedIn Prospecting Tool & Sales Automation Platform

Powerful B2B customer interaction & sales software designed to automate prospecting and deal closing on LinkedIn. Our unique approach allows you to scale exponentially with A.I Sales Reps.

Done-For-You (fulfilment): LEAD Engagements offers a complete turn-key fulfilment service. We create all campaigns including messaging. Target the perfect lead lists and interact with prospects on your behalf to book you or your clients the meetings you want!

What makes us different? Here’s some of our key features!

Multi-Channel Automation LinkedIn & Email Outreach + SMS & Voicemail Drops (Coming Soon!)

• A Database of +640 Million Prospects (a great alternative to Sales Navigator)

• Personalized Video Messaging

• Exponential scalability with A.I Sales Reps

If you’re looking for more leads, prospects, and customers for your business let’s talk we can help!

Many more resoruces are available depending on your needs.

What To Expect From Our Digital Marketing Agency?

LEAD Engagements is an award-winning digital marketing, social media management, and website design company, with an emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Business Marketing Tools to generate more prospects & leads. Our in-house Certified Social Leads Consultants have a passion for all things Digital Marketing and Brand Awareness to help you manage your “Online Reputation” through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) applications to help you grow your business.

LEAD Engagements SEO, GeoTargeting, GeoFencing & Customer Engagement Solutions
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