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Your company deserves the best sales leads from known prospects interested in of your products & services. We are a solutions provider, using artificial intelligence to drive valuable real-time information to our clients to improve business decisions and increase revenue…

How Do I Get Started with My Free Trial?

Getting started with your Free Trial is easy!

  1. Complete the free trial application form
  2. Receive the confirmation email that your account has been activated
  3. Install your WordPress Plugin or Unique Pixel Script
  4. Start receiving information on website visitors shortly after installation.




 First VisitorID Service Guarantee

First VisitorID Service Guarantee Savvy business owners deserve a well-constructed marketing campaign that will immediately accelerate their sales pipeline. First technology provides results. If First VisitorID can not achieve the minimum leads for the Starter Plan… You will receive a Full Refund.  For other plans, you will ONLY be charged for leads provided & payments will be adjusted.

How Does First VisitorID Capture Visitor Information?

Our in-house software application collects data from a variety of resources while the visitor is on your website. We can capture information a majority of different ways, on each individual provided its available.

  • Cookie Data
  • IP Address
  • Open Source Databases
  • Google Analytics
  • Browser Data
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Be First in the Door - Right Time, Right Place

Your prospect is starting their research. They have not started talking to vendors yet. The digital crumbs created from this research effort creates a sales advantage. Approximately 36% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.

Why Does First VisitorID only identify about 50% of website visitors?

We use a variety of resources supported by our unique artificial intelligence software to identify up to 40 data points from your website visitors.  Everything starts with identifying a visitor’s location through their IP address. Every browser contains browser data, these are like breadcrumbs or footprints associated with the anonymous website visitor. Once identified the AI-Powered Software accesses various internal & external databases to start connecting these footprints. When enough footprints have been connected that form a profile, you receive the contact information.

Most Common Reasons for 50% 

  1. Website visitors using VPN browsers so can’t identify the actual location
  2. Website visitors not on your website long enough for AI software to identify the profile through databases
  3. AI Software can not identify a minimum number of 5 data points associated with the profile.

How is the Buyer Intent Information Collected?

Buyer intent is frequently measured by content consumption. When a buyer searches online, clicks on a website or reads a review, they indicate their intention to purchase a product, a metric known as buyer intent. Third-party providers collect this data from a data-sharing co-op that includes media publishers and B2B websites. They analyze this data to establish a baseline for content consumption and, subsequently, register spikes in activity. These spikes indicate the likelihood that a buyer is interested in purchasing a product.

What are Signals a Website Visitors Intent to buy?

An intent signal is an action that indicates a searcher’s intent to purchase a product or service. If, for example, you work in equipment leasing, you may be interested in pursuing a company that has searched for “construction equipment financing” online. Their search constitutes an intent signal. It lets you know that they are potentially interested in your business.

Marketing with Geo-Fencing & How Does it Work?

We have all received messages or ads on our phones once we have clicked on a pair of shoes for example and then for the next couple of days that ad appears again or similar ads. 

Geo-fencing works similarly, let’s say your business (Steakhouse) is near a shopping center. A virtual line/fence would be drawn around the mall & ads for your Steakhouse will be sent to phones inside the virtual fence inviting them to your business for a special offer. 

What is Connections & List Sync Builder?

Accurate information across the web and GPS mapping references on Google & Bing are the lifeblood of any storefront or online business. A recent client was improperly listed on a majority of directories on online listing services. The client’s listing score started at 162 out of 800, and the industry average was 270, over the course of several months the client’s listing score was accurate in the 95th percentile with a score of 728. Making it easier to find the business.

How Does Backlinks & Content Builder Work?

How Link Building Helped Increase Leads for a Dispensary by 27.6%

We recently worked with a Dispensary and CBD specialty store and helped them rank #1 on 50 different targeted keywords. We did this by providing our monthly backlink service where we created a unique guest blog post every month.

This ultimately grew their business so much that they were able to increase their staff to help manage the new traffic and demand.

Who’s Interested In Your Product/Service?

Identify your website visitors, what pages they visit and what actions they take on your website in real time!

Discover B2B & B2C sales leads you never knew you had!

We identify who is on your website real time. Did you know that 98% of your web visitors will never fill out a form or email you? Visual Visitor helps you find out who they are and engage with them proactively.

What is First VisitorID and How Does it Work?

Website Visitor ID is the process by which website visitors are identified for marketing, prospecting, and lead nurturing. When visitors come to your website, we assign them a unique Identifying code that allows us to track repeat visits. Specifically, we can tell you which companies are visiting your website, which pages they’re viewing, and which sources directed them there.

On your end, all you have to do to start uncovering visitors is add our tracking script to your website.

Do you still have questions?

How Does First VisitorID Work?

When a visitor clicks on your website, we assign them a unique Identifying code. This allows us to track repeat visits. Specifically, we can tell you which companies are visiting your website, which pages they’re viewing, and which sources directed them there.

On your end, all you have to do to start uncovering visitors is add our tracking script to your website.

How to Install Script or WP Plugin?

Getting started is easy, once your account has been activated and you receive an email notification. You have 2 options to connect directly to our AI-Powered Technology. For websites created in WordPress, simply add our WordPress Plugin to your website and follow the installation instructions. For websites not created in WordPress, add a small pixel script to the header of your website.

To learn more visit our installation instructions or add for those who have a WordPress design. 


Where Do I Find My WP Plugin & setup instructions?

To get started visit our download page to get your WordPress Plugin. Please follow the step-by-step guidance to confirm and verify your website has been connected & registered with our unique AI-Powered Technology. 


Full installation can not take place until after you receive email confirmation your website profile has been setup on our AI platform 


How Many Website Visitors can First VisitorID Track?

The number of website visitors that can be identified varies depending on your pricing package. For more details on Website Visitor ID pricing,

Where do I get my unique pixel code script & how do I install?

Once you login to your client dashboard the pixel script can be found in your left navigation bar under installation.

Once you gain access to your client dashboard, please go to “Configuration” in your left navigation, go to “Installation” here is where you will find your website’s unique custom script to add to your website header. 

These instructions are from our strategic partner which covers a variety of website-building platforms and shows where the HEADER Code needs to be installed.  


I'm Ready to sign up with First VisitorID! How long does the onboarding take?

The First VisitorID implementation takes about 20 minutes. Of course, getting your team scheduled for training does take a little time. Count on about a 30-minute training session if you sign up for the Premium Plan.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We identified how potential customers were searching through extensive keyword research.

We designed & implemented an SEO campaign that included on-page and off-page optimization around their targeted keyword terms raising the client’s organic traffic 405%. The POWER of KEYWORD Campaigns.


To learn more about our platform & how it works for you!

We Deliver!

The B2B & B2C Qualified Lead Generation Solution!
MUCH Better than “stats, website traffic, and analytics” you receive from most providers, we deliver RESULTS “Company Data and Real People”. =>Turning Leads Into Customers!

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MUCH Better than “stats, website traffic, and analytics” you receive from most providers, we deliver RESULTS “Companies Data and Real People”.

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