** What is First VisitorID AI-powered Technology Do? **

Your company has a mission and deserves the best solutions to identify who is on your website in REAL-Time so you can turn those visitors into customers… Did you know that 98% of your website visitors never fill out a form or email you? First VisitorID helps you find out who they are and provide you with their contact information so you can engage them proactively with a special website or in-store offers.

Companies large & small are spending thousands of dollars every month on advertising we see this all the time… Not saying spending money on advertising is wasted, but with all those website visitors who are they?

MUCH Better than “stats, website traffic, and analytics” you should be receiving already, we deliver RESULTS “Company Data and Real People” with their contact information name, email, income level, and address from up to 40 data points when available. =>Turn Leads Into Customers!


“Knowledge Changes Everything!”

Client Success Story #1

Store owner increased sales by over 800% using leads & contacts discovered when using First VisitorID, then proactively emailing those website visitors and increased foot traffic in his store as well as increased sales with online special offers. The store owner gathered over 2000 website visitors’ contact information and currently manages an active email marketing campaign. This store owner had purchased an existing business with a poor reputation. Before FirstVisitorID, this was a rebranded business with lots of interest, but minimal sales. Through their ongoing email campaign and special offers were able to improve their reputation and build hundreds of newfound loyal customers.


Client Success Story #2

During our free trial, a gentleman was searching for luxury vehicles for sale in Dallas. He saw an Alfa Romeo he liked and was looking at it several times a day for 2 days. The dealership had actually just sold that vehicle. So, they used his contact info and sent him emails with similar luxury vehicles. In this case an Audi. No one from the dealership called him, He simply walked into the dealership the next day and purchased that Audi. A prime example of how a lead nurturing email expedited the sales funnel and guided Mr. Williams to point of purchase.

It was simply amazing.

Tracy W.
Auto Dealership Dallas

Client Success Story #3

We saw a slump in website sales during COVID instead of an increase in website sales like several of our competitors within a few miles of our location. We reached out to LEAD Engagements Business Consulting who recommended a couple of services that were very successful. First VisitorID system was an instant success with our sales team. Before this visitor identification service, we were spending a lot on website traffic without seeing a real increase in sales. We have now used visitor ID and website recordings to understand our visitor’s website behavior and buyer intent to close more sales. Having the ability to contact them within a short time of their visit to our website has greatly improved sales by 22%. I would recommend every website owner struggling with sales contact Brandi for a free trial for us it was a no-brainer…

Candice R.
Essential Body Gear

Client Success Story #4

Jim saw the employee of a wholesale boutique on his website. He knew the source of the lead
was from a paid marketing campaign so he quickly acted in reaching out to her. He booked a
meeting and the potential client was greatly impressed with the overall speed of his response. The young lady became a loyal customer for Jim and a new customer of FirstVisitorID for their website.


Client Success Story #5

I’m still excited about capturing these website visitors’ information and how its helped my sales team. We can see some of the visitors income levels before meeting them on the lot which helps us work with customers better. We manage both New & Used car lots across the street from each other. The corporate office recently ran a TV ad like they do every quarter, but a month before our annual 4th of July MSRP savings commercial, we started using anonymous visitor identification that gave my department leads from people who visited our website. During the week-long campaign and over the course of the following week we received over 700+ visitors’ contact information we contacted through follow-up emails… It’s already mid-Aug and we have 320 new leads as well as prospects coming in from our July email campaign looking for vehicles… Some of the website visitors looked at specific cars in our inventory. We sent them information on that car and similar cars. As a result, we had an increase of 22 sales in July over the previous 4 years. All 22 sales were contacted through our website leads and inviting them in for a closer look. This has been a serious boost for our business and allowed my team another way to compete with other local dealerships. I couldn’t recommend FirstVisitorID’s AI technology enough unless you are near our dealership here in California.


Brian C.
Sales Manager

Client Success Story #6

Our real estate brokerage was paying hundreds of dollars for homeowner & prospective home buyer leads. We used a few techniques to contact these so-called hot leads. Mostly SMS Texting & Phone Drop messages to reach home owners & buyers to no avail. My experience with this kind of marketing strategy was negative, out of every 100+ leads we purchased maybe 2 or 3 were actually interested in having a conversation about selling their home. In my opinion, there was a lot of money, effort and time wasted on these leads. In May, we started using FirstVisitorID, I was shocked! These contacts we emailed were receptive to a conversation since they visited our website we knew they were in the market for a home or discussing options for selling their home based on how they searched through pages of our website. If you haven’t tried FirstVisitorID, I recommend you check it out. I think they are still offering a free trial…


Kathy V. CRS

Real Estate using

Client Success Story #7

Thanks Kenn, our sales team was able to watch website behavior and the most popular pages of our website and they created an active campaign emailing specific visitors keeping them aware of those products on sale or providing coupon offers they could redeem in our store. Our most successful campaign has created a steady flow of customers on our two slowest days of the week. After a few months basically, every day of the week is now steady and I was able to increase the hours of a few staff members to handle the new customers…


Terrance O.
Willaim Stewart’s Prime

Client Success Story #8

Working in a regulated industry, we could not market and advertise online through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels like a normal business. Building a database of clients when 90% of our transactions are cash was challenging. Learning about how many visitors on our website and looking around, and not buying anything, we were clueless. AI-driven technology was the answer! On average, we capture the name and email addresses from over 300+ website visitors and repeat website visitors every month we now contact new prospects & notify older website visitors by email about new products and discounts in the store and recently started a special birthday offer. Great tool for my team!


Beer supplier using

Client Success Story #9

We were excited to start working with FirstVisitorID as a new resource to provide leads & prospects for our company… We had been buying cold leads from a well-known provider for the last 9 months. The challenge came in with emailing or calling local people in the demographic we selected and purchased, but this was not successful for our business. Many of the leads purchased were not interested or not in the market for new supplies. Once we started getting leads from our website, we knew they were interested in our products otherwise they would be there. So we reached out by sending coupons & discounts to get them into the store, attend a special event or make a purchase from our website. This has been a new horizon for our company and has helped generate new customers we didn’t know were even interested in our company.

Fred N.
Smart Brewing LTD

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